Earlier this month, Hyundai gave drivers and critics alike an early preview of its next-generation fuel cell vehicle. The model has yet to receive an official name, but is poised to offer enhanced capabilities, as well as a compelling design and advanced technology.

The yet-to-be-named model is part of Hyundai’s plan to accelerate the rollout of green vehicles throughout year 2020. If you’re in the market for a new fuel efficient model, this SUV is certainly one to watch. Here’s exactly what you can look for:

Hyundai’s upcoming fuel cell SUV will boast the automaker’s fourth-generation fuel cell technology. Along with incredible range, performance and capability, the upcoming SUV is sure to impress drivers with its next-generation design. The fuel cell SUV will also join Hyundai’s other green models, including the IONIQ platform which is comprised of a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric variant.

Hyundai plans to reveal the new hydrogen SUV overseas in Korea in the new year. As we learn more about Hyundai’s next generation FCEV, and its plans for the U.S., we will be sure to update you. Until then, feel free to browse our new Hyundai inventory for the latest from the automaker’s lineup.

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