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  • Juston Anderson
    General Manager

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    I have had the privilege to be the Buerkle family of dealerships for going on seven years now.  After spending more than 10 years with the corporate dealerships, I decided it was time to make a move to a family owned and centered dealership.  Our business model has a well aligned moral compass and equally a staff to match it!

    Our everyday business is modeled around doing the right thing. We truly want our customers to enjoy their experience here at Buerkle, whether it is purchasing, leasing, servicing, or utilizing our body shop.

    I get satisfaction when a customer experiences a "WOW" moment here at Buerkle.  This is usually the case when one of our staff members exceeds the customer's expectations by going above and beyond often for no more reward other than the customer's satisfaction.  These moments are why customers continue to do business with us.

    My expertise is not just limited to a broad creative approach that utilizes my 17+ years in the industry.  Navigating the automotive buying landscape can be a daunting task.  Listening to the customer and understanding what is most important to them allows me to help our staff find the very best fit for every customer.

    Outside of work I enjoy working out at the gym, attending my children's activities, spending time with my wife, and most anything outdoors.

  • Tom Kulstad
    Finance Director

  • Jacob Dorner
    Finance & Insurance Manager

  • Sara Atkinson

  • John Chavez
    Service Director

  • Dave Peterson

  • Dennis Dugan
    Hyundai Parts Manager

    HOMETOWN: Minneapolis
    HOBBIES: Fishing, Archery

  • Ryan Brown
    New Vehicle Sales Manager

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  • Joel Karnitz
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager

    Buerkle has a great atmosphere and team spirit. I'm happy to work in a dealership where the owners are close by and we have a no-pressure, helpful team.

  • Patti Adams
    Continuous Improvement Manager

    I am proud to say that I have been the Buerkle Customer Service manager for nearly 30 years. I was hired in 1988 to follow up with our customers after service and to see if sales shoppers had gotten all the help and information that they felt they needed. My duties and titles may have changed over the years but my primary focus has not. 

    Being a part time employee, I was afforded the flexibility to raise four children and now that joy has doubled, being grandma of eight.

    Please reach out to me if you have any feedback about your customer service experience! I would love to hear from you.

  • Adam Gifford
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

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  • Bob Hoppe
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

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    When did you start at Buerkle?

    I started in 2006.

    What makes your day?

    I think it's great when customers are excited to buy a new vehicle that has the latest and greatest safety, comfort, convenience, and technology features.

    What is your special expertise?

    I pride myself on providing good customer service along with a no pressure, straight forward sales approach.

    Outside of work I enjoy mountain biking, snowmobiling, and watching live racing events.

  • Brian Armstrong
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

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    I started at Buerkle in April of 2009 and have been in auto sales since 2004.

    What I like about working at Buerkle Hyundai is the family atmosphere. The Buerkles are very hands-on owners and really do care about their employees. I also like the low-pressure approach in the sales process here. It really is a different approach than most dealerships. 

    I really pride myself on my customer service and do whatever I can to ensure that my customers have the best experience throughout the entire sales process. My customer service skills are something I guarantee to all my customers. "Don't take my word for it, Google me!"

  • Craig Ulven
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

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    Craig Ulven has had a passion for cars his entire life.  At age 14 he had a license to drive in the State of South Dakota and was the first young man in Junior High School to own a vehicle.  With focus he directed his energy towards vocational mechanic training.   Moving up through the ranks he found his calling in the automotive industry.  As collector of classic cars Craig built a life for himself.  He possesses strong pride in providing for his family, friends and customers. Craig recognized in his early 30's that caring for others and honesty could be a realistic achievement in an industry where a career in car sales is not always held in high esteem.  For over 30 years Craig has strived to dispel this reputation by providing fair and genuine customer service with exceptional expertise.

  • Jeff Martin
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

  • Kyle Heiser
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

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  • Michael Holm
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

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  • Neal Eldridge
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

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    I started working at Buerkle in 1996 in the used car building. It was located where the new Honda building is now. I've greatly enjoyed these years at Buerkle. In my off time, I like to be on the water fishing, or relaxing. I enjoy all my friends at Buerkle, we always have a lot of laughs. I believe that rubs off on my customers and makes their buying experience much more enjoyable. 

  • Steve Iverson
    Sales & Leasing Consultant

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    When did you start? 

    July, 1995.

    What do you love about working at Buerkle?

    My preferred working environment has always been one where I control my day, working independently to be successful and drawing from the company's resources to succeed on a weekly, monthly basis. 

    What is your special expertise?

    My hiring manager, Bruce Wennen, implemented an Internet Sales Manager position in 1998 and I have specialized and enjoyed that mode of sales ever since. My professional work history includes more than 10 years in journalism as a sports editor and reporter. Communicating with customers online and over the phone is as natural for me as watching the Green Bay Packers win another NFC North Divisional Championship.

    What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

    I enjoy writing and blogging. I have a handful of book ideas that I'm pursuing, including one on the work of selling autos. I also enjoy spending time outdoors riding ATVs and playing with Sugar and Bubba, my two pups.

  • Adam Thompson
    Service Advisor

  • Ben Endres
    Service Advisor

  • Brian Coyle
    Service Advisor

  • Chris Herbert
    Internal Team Manager