We sell tires for almost any make and model, from convertibles to pickup trucks.
We have a wide selection of most all available brands, including Bridgestone, Continental, Yokohama, Cooper, Kuhmo and more. To get pricing and an appointment (typically just 1-2 days out), call our Service department.
We also sell a variety of rim, and if you purchase a second set of tires we recommend having them installed on their own rims so you can quickly and easily swap them out as needed.
Call for Quote / Schedule:
(651) 490-6699
When you buy tires from Buerkle Hyundai, you'll receive benefits you won't get elsewhere:
Road Hazard Warranty
  • Free repairs of road hazard damage, for the life of the tire
  • Free replacement for damage due to road hazards, for the life of the tire
  • Long warranty based on tire tread depth, for the full lifespan of the tire
Free Lifetime Tire Rotations - $220 value When you purchase a full set of 4 tires, we'll provide tire rotations at no charge, for the life of the tires. Avoid uneven wear and save your tires from an early end. This includes switching from summer to winter tires and back, if you buy both sets from us and each set is on its own rims. This can be up to a $220 value with modern tires lasting 40,000 - 60,000 miles.
Your Next Oil Change (almost) Free 5% of what you spend goes into your Buerkle Rewards Plus account as service rewards: approximately at $30 value, depending on your tires! For many Hyundai owners, this can mean your next oil change is close to paid for already.
To get advice and take-home quotes for your vehicle, just give us a call! We'll advise you on best options whether you're looking for best traction, lowest cost, or a combination of both, and send you a quote that includes final installation.

Service Hours

  • Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday 7:00 am - 3:30 pm
  • Sunday Closed
Here's how easy it is to get your new tires:

  1. Call ahead for quotes and to preorder.
  2. Check your vehicle: If you're taking home your current tires (for example, if you're swapping seasonal tires), make sure there's room for them in your car.
  3. Come to our service center   at the scheduled time. Drive in through the garage doors.
  4. A team member will greet you and confirm your service.
  5. We'll bring your vehicle to the shop, where your pre-ordered tires will be ready and waiting. Our team will also check your alignment, brakes, and other basics on your vehicle while it's in the shop.
  6. If we find anything you might want to know about, we'll contact you and go over what we found.
  7. When your car is ready, we'll wash it and bring it back to the service drive.
  8. We'll call you to the service drive to review your invoice and check out!

When you come in to have your tires installed, our team can also check your vehicle's alignment and correct it if needed. A correct alignment is important so your vehicle will drive straight and smoothly, your tires will wear evenly, and you will get the best handling and grip out of your new tires. New tires on a bad alignment can still leave you with a dangerous vehicle.

To see if you can save on your next service, be sure to check out our current tire and service specials.

To learn more about our service department, visit our Service Center page.

Tire mounting and balancing

Tire mounting and balancing is just $80 for a set.

When you're thinking about a car wheel, the center metal part is the rim, and the rubber part is the tire. Mounting means we install the tires on rims. Tires are not very flexible, and they fit tightly on the rims, so we use special machines to get them in place.

Balancing means we rotate the tires on their rims and check to make sure the weight is evenly distributed. Due to manufacturing imperfections, or damage to used rims, there can be very small weight differences that you wouldn't notice just by picking the wheel up or rolling it. However, these very small differences, when the wheel is rotating at 700-800 times per minute at highway speeds, can cause a very noticeable vibration that you can feel and hear. We add tiny weights to the rim at just the right spots as needed to balance out the overall wheel+rim combination.

We sell rims as well as tires. Rim and tire sizing is very model-specific. There are variations in rim diameter, rim width, bolt spacing, number of attachment bolts, and more. Call our Service department for a quote for your specific vehicle!

1. While the tire has at least 4/32 tread depth remaining. Replacement covers only tires which are damaged beyond repair; the decision to replace or repair is at the discretion of Buerkle Hyundai. In some cases, when a tire is replaced, additional tires may need to be purchased at the same time to create a matched set for safe driving conditions. Not transferable.

2. For tires purchased and installed in our service center, for the life of the tires, while owned by original buyer or a family member.
3. 5% back in the form of Buerkle Rewards earnings, to be used toward future transactions at Buerkle dealerships. Rewards have no cash value. Rewards expire 18 months after the last qualifying transaction at a participating Buerkle dealership, including service visits fully covered by warranty. On items covered by insurance or warranty, rewards are earned only on the deductible amount. May be used towards down payment, lease cap cost reduction, service, parts and/or customer pay body shop expenses. May not be used for auto body insurance deductible. See https://buerklerewards.com for full details.