The Hyundai Tucson was redesigned in 2019 and is the same for 2020. 

Here, we review the top need-to-know features! The vehicle used in this walkaround is an Ultimate trim level, the highest trim level.


The Tuscon redesign included a significant exterior shakeup with a more sporty look and angular headlights. 

The Ultimate trim level has the horizontal grille shown in the video. The other trim levels -- SE, SEL, Value, and Limited -- have the black cascading grille familiar from other Hyundai models.

The Tuscon is equipped with forward avoidance safety, which warns of a potential collision. The Ultimate also includes pedestrian detection and will step on the brake for you if a pedestrian is detected.

For 2020, the Tucson is available in 9 color options, including Magnetic Force, Aqua Blue, Gemstone Red, and Stellar Silver.

It comes with 17-inch wheels on the SE and Value trims, and 18-inch wheels on higher trims.

Roof side rails are standard on every trim except SE.

Proximity key

The Tucson proximity key, included in all trim levels except SE, adds a surprising amount of convenience that you won't know how you ever lived without. As long as the key is in your pocket or purse (within about 3 feet of the door), you can unlock and open the door just by pressing a small button with your thumb when you pull on the door handle. You can also use the key just like a normal key in the lock if needed.


The redesigned interior brings the Tucson in more of a luxurious direction, rather than a rugged one. The seats are more comfortable than in previous generations, as well.

The rear seats have a distinct advantage over typical rear bench seats as they recline as well as slide forward and back!

On the SEL and higher, the rear seats also have vents for heat and air conditioning so the rear passengers can be just as comfortable as those up front. These trim levels also include dedicated rear USB charging ports.

The rear cargo space is a little bigger than the previous model year and provides plenty of room. Each new Tucson includes a reversible all-weather mat in the cargo area, with carpet on one side and a waterproof surface on the other side, so you can use whichever you need at the moment. Underneath the floor of the cargo space is a full-size spare tire and basic tool kit. The floor can be opened either halfway, on a hinge, or completely opened.

There are direct USB charging ports as well as your standard vehicle 12V charging port. There is also a wireless phone charging pad on the Sport, Limited, and Ultimate trims.

Sound system

The Tuscon is available with the Infinity Sound System upgrade so you can turn every drive into your own personal escape. Surround-sound technology delivers music with depth, height, and customizable controls.

Heated and ventilated seats

Not only can you have warm seats in the winter, you can have cooled seats in the summer. There is dual temperature control so your front seat passenger can have a different temperature setting from the air vents than the driver.

In the Ultimate trim level, the rear passengers can enjoy heated seats as well. The Value, SEL, Sport, and Limited trims all have heated front seats only.

The Limited and Ultimate bring things to the next level by including a heated steering wheel as well!


The Tucson is available at all trim levels in either front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. With FWD, you will get ever so slightly better fuel EPA fuel economy and lower long-term maintenance costs.


The Tucson comes with an automatic transmission equipped with ShifTronic. You just push the gear stick over to the side and you can shift gears manually (with built in overrides to prevent accidentally shifting into 1st gear when you are going 60mph!) You can change modes from automatic to manual while you are driving; you don't need to be stopped.

There are several driving modes available including Economy and Sport. If you feel like getting a more fun drive, switch it into Sport and you will definitely notice the difference! If you don't change anything, it will be in the most fuel-efficient setting by default.


The Hands-Free smart trunk enables you to open the rear hatch even when your hands are full of bags or other objects. You don't need to click the key, kick, or anything else -- just stand within about three feet and it will open. The hatch can also be opened manually. 

The rear hatch open height to can be set at a custom level on Sport, Limited, and Ultimate to best match your height, your garage height, and so on.

The side-view mirrors are available with blind spot detection monitors which light up if there is a car within the blind spot area. You can also turn this feature off easily for rush-hour traffic.

The Tucson is also available with Lane Keep Assist to help prevent your vehicle from leaving your lane.

The in-vehicle display is available not just a backup camera, but cameras from various angles and a birds-eye view as well. If you have rear traffic alerts turned on, it will beep to alert you if a pedestrian walks behind you.

Smart cruise control

The Tucson Ultimate trim level includes smart cruise control. This is a huge luxury! For example, when the car in front of you is not holding a steady speed, you can still use cruise, or you can even use it in rush-hour traffic.


Live satellite navigation including congestion, traffic, accidents in the area around you. It saves your most recent destinations so you don't have to type in the same locations over and over.

You can set the turn-by-turn navigation instructions to also show in the digital dashboard right in front of your steering wheel if you like, as well as on the in-vehicle display.


The vehicle is equipped with 7 airbags as well as automatic rollover detection which ensures that emergency services are called to the scene if the vehicle rolls over. The rearview mirror has an SOS button as well.


The Tucson includes 3 years of service for BlueLink. You can set the cabin temperature for remote start from your phone, use your phone to unlock the car, or find your car when you forget where you parked at the mall.

This is just a summary of the top features! For more information on the 2019 or 2020 Tucson, contact our sales team at any time.